Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What Not to Wear

Book Review-Loop-D-Loop
Oh, goodness! What an interesting book. Very innovative designs, funky and fun. Okay, being a mom, there are definitely some items (steek tank) that I would never make for myself, and I would never make that for anyone I know. However, the leaf sweater-- gorgeous. The ballerina top, definitely (w/ the modification of long or medium sleeves). Some of the other sweaters, beautiful.

So, besides the steek tank, my only beef is the puffy sleeve thing (2 different sweaters). I just watched "Glamour's 50 Biggest Fashion Do's and Don'ts" on E!TV (what a guilty pleasure) and I'm pretty sure that puffy sleeves and piratey shirts were definitely a don't (and at least in the top 20 since I only started watching then).

While watching, my burst out laughing moment of the countdown was the 'muffin top'. Maybe everyone has heard of this term, but not's always bugged me when young ladies of today wear pants that squished their fat over the pants. Come on. Buy the next size up. It does not make you look sexy to be crammed into those pants. And if you do wear your pants like that--all muffin top like, I beg of you, please please wear a top that at least meets the pants.

'Hi, my name is z's momma and I am a fashion don't'
I must say that I am listed as a fashion Don't in that I really like my tie-dye shirt. I have one and we got z one so that we can spot him a mile away when we're out and about. So for my T-shirt, I got it as a freebie when I was a post-doc at Big Biotech, and that the design was supposed to be a peace sign in DNA helix and instead they forgot a bar and it's actually a Mercedes sign. Hey, I love this shirt!


tammy said...

I just received loop-d-loop for an early birthday gift, I had been coveting it for quite sometime. It is 1/2 art book, 1/2 kntting book, & 100% beautiful.
Did you get a chance to look at the pieces while you were at Article Pract? The trunk show is there through the 18th.
My faves are the leaf sweater, the yoke vest, irregular rib raglan, and although I don't know if I'd wear it, I quite like the steek vest. : )

z's mommadad said...

I did. And that's what got me to get the book.