Friday, September 23, 2005

Comments, anyone?

So, I'm glad that knitting folks are interested in my knitting blog. But here's the thing...if someone posts a comment on the blog, should I post a comment in the blog? or should I try to email them directly? hmmm...'cause you know, if I comment in my blog, that would mean that I'm presuming that the original poster will also remember to go back to that one post to check to see if there were any replies.

Well, my apologies if it looks as if I've ignored your comment. Mostly I haven't. I've read your comments and have appreciated the fact that you've taken the time to leave me a comment...Embarrassingly, I haven''t gone back to all my previous posts to check if anyone's commented...I will try to rectify that. Give me a little time.

And I'm sure Blogger has some setting where it'll notify me if someone comments, but I haven't gotten that far into reading directions yet. I'm one of those people that does things Java-like-- JIT (Just In Time). I only learn how to do something if I need it. The upside is that I can have a cool blog in very little time, the downside is that I'm sure there are easier ways of doing things and I spend time reinventing the wheel.



Leisel said...

Since you're using blogger, I would say answer in the comments anything you think needs a reply.

Blogger does have a feature that notifies you when a comment is left. However, I was rarely (if ever) able to reply to the commenter directly via email.

- Leisel

z's mommadad said...


Aprilynne said...

Some bloggers I know answer questions in the blog of the person who asked the question - some of us weirdos do both. (that would be me)

Sara said...

I do a little of column A and a little of column B. That being said, I know I'm guilty of sometimes leaving a comment and forgetting to go back and check it.
Blogger should institute a "reply to comment" system like livejournal has.