Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lace to hold your place

At SnB on Monday, the Queen posed a challenge to me to make some lace bookmarks. She figured I have time, I could test it out and then could tell her if they're easy to make (too funny!). I have seen them on the internet and was interested in doing some anyway. At least one bookmark so that
1) I don't have to memorize the page number, 'cause you know I forget and skip pages of key information.
2) I won't use whatever is around to use as a bookmarker. Recently, it's been yarn pieces leftover from weaving in ends.
3) I stop (big gasp!) turning the corner of the page -- what a big no no for someone who was taught to take really good care of books. In fact, I had a really tough time in college highlighting in books. My solution? er, don't open a text book?!

Anyway, being the craftser generalist that I am, I already had crochet thread, at least in white. . So I dusted off my #2's (since I had gotten them for socks and you all know how successful I was in sockmaking). I then searched for some patterns and printed them out. Some of these free patterns were not printer-friendly since several cut off what may be critical parts of the lace pattern. As a novice lacer, I wish they would chart the pattern out too so that I could tell immediately that part of the pattern was missing. I guess I could chart it... So, the downside was that when I actually went to read the pattern (after casting on obligatory 15-22 stitches, that part of the pattern was cut off! ugh.

Will post findings later.

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