Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bookmark Observations

Well, I worked on the bookmark project and these are my observations:

-Knitting w/ string--not like yarn. If my tension's off and too loose, the thread falls off. If too tight, I can't do that sk2tpo that these lace patterns seem to all contain.
-Loose knitting, in this case, also results inbig giant loops that don't tighten up. No, I didn't rip, it was too small of a project, but man, did I tink and tink and tink.
-Knitting w/ white chrochet string makes it look like a doily or super cheap lace ribbon from 99cent store
-My gnat-like attention span makes it difficult to do lace pattern. Sure, I can do one stitch pattern round and round til the cows come home, but where I have to pay attention and count stitches, even tho' there's only 15, it's been a trial.

Well, here's a bookmark. It's unblocked and unstiffened.

Actually, here's my first attempt. I also tried different needles and found that Inox needles are too slippery for the white cotton. And I got bored w/ this pattern so I decreased and hoped to make a leaf-like pattern. But I think it looks like a spermazoid instead. I'm thinking that I may dye them next time I koolaid dye. Maybe if I dye and stiffen this guy, it'll look like a leaf (maybe?) Ha, instead of like a stiff green sperm?! Hey, don't even go there...

On that same experimental tract, I had some sock yarn so I tried this:
Sock yarn is much easier to knit with than string. But w/o blocking, you can't see the pretty lace pattern that I spent so much time on. And the striping really does take away from the bookmark. Finally, it's a tad thick and while it won't ruin the spine, your book may develop abnormal ripples (speculation of course).

So, in answer to whether this would be a good project for presents, I say that unless they're knitters that read, I'd knit them a scarf instead...more bang w/ less stress (at least for me). I must say I think it was the crochet thread I was using. Can thread be defective? On the other hand, lace w/ sock yarn was fun, so I shan't give up on lace altogher.

I really do need a good bookmark. So, I'll try again, maybe. Alternatively, I could crochet a bookmark or just make a book thong w/ ribbon and charms.

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