Friday, September 09, 2005

Sewing and Zipping

I knitted a zipper up the back sweater for a great little dude but didn't know how to sew the zipper on.

Now, I am definitely not the seamstress. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I told my mother that I needed to make an American Indian squaw dress for class. My mother told me, there's the sewing machine. After much trials and tribulations and much much frustrations trying to sew the burlap cloth into something that would fit me (not to mention trying to use the machine on burlap -- no one told me about tension), my mother stopped by and her comment was "oh, I thought the dress was for a doll, well, I can help you". This was after many hours and many ripping out of the seams (and when I was finished). Well, from what I remember, moms helped all the other girls and while their dresses looked more like dresses, mine looked pretty darn cool, burlap sack and all.

I was also banned from using the said sewing machine for a couple of years, if I remember...pretty sure I broke it.

So, zipper. The Queen of our SnB sent me some great information about how to install a zipper. Gee, it's going to take me longer to sew on the darn thing than to knit it. Did I mention it was a one skein (okay 2 cause I used some accent color), knit in one piece hooded sweater. I had to seam the underarms since I used double pointed for the sleeves. It also took me a bit of time since I kept trying to incorporate the other color into the sweater as stripes. Here's the pattern for the sweater:Pattern

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