Monday, September 12, 2005

Is this Art? DNA gel

I saw this and had to share DNA Art. For that price, that picture had better be of MY DNA. And yes, you could just take yfgp (your favorite gel pic) to a printshop/delivery spot and get that printed up. I know that it costs about $90 if you want it poster-size in durable plastic (makes a great splat mat too).

As for scientific art, there's histology, EM, general microscopy, etc. Even organic chemistry is pretty cool 'cause they have all the funky oddly shaped handblown glasswear. Sorry to say this, but molecular biology usually only involves pipeting very small amounts of clear liquid into very small tubes...not at all very exciting. It's kinda like on CSI, a little pipetting, a little centrifuging (and don't get me started on all the movies/shows that don't balance tubes in the fuge), and samples into some magic box, and tada! results from the printer.

Anyway, DNA scarf -- that's Art.

What about this? Is this ART? It's z's genes. Literally, it's his karyotype. I think it's beautiful, and that's not just because I'm the proud momma.


HHH said...

Stop by from craftster. Great blog!

I agree I love to watch CSI to catch and point out all the lab technique mistakes.

I took do alot of p-ing small amounts but I love running gels I think they are so pretty. Our imaging system for gels makes it fun to alture the image using colors. Really makes some beautiful art.

What do you work with? Animal, plant or other? I work with trees.

z's mommadad said...

I've worked with coli, yeast (2 types), plants, small and large animals, and yes, even people samples.