Saturday, September 03, 2005

Me-ow Me-ow hat

Got some cheapy yarn to make the Kittyville hat. Observation: I'm getting to be a faster knitter. Things I learned on this project: Norwegian Purl. Very cool. But only if that's all I'm doing 'cause it makes a twisted stitch and gets all wonky when you're doing seed stitch w/ NP. So instead, I had to knit into the back for the knit part of the seed stitch to untwist it. A little disconcerting 'cause I kept thinking that I was going to forget the REAL way to knit (especially since I originally did the twisted stitch for a couple of projects--unbeknowst to me).

I had the hat done sans ears and pom poms. I knit on the ears and had this exchange w/ z.

z: I don't like ears.
me: well, they're kitty ears 'meow'
z: I don't like kitty ears
me: well, then. they're tiger ears 'ROAR'
z: I don't like tiger ears
me: well, then. what type of ears do you like?
z: elEEphant ears!

My boy does love elephants.

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