Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Liesel blocking

I'm done w/ Liesel. Yeah! Well, this took longer than the weekend. I used almost 3 balls of yarn (3balls*80m)*1.09yds/m=260yds of yarn. I enjoyed making it and it was lovely yarn to knit with, but it's unlikely I will do another scarf w/ the same pattern. Maybe something else, later.

The cool thing about this scarf is that I was able to do the Russian join technique to connect the 3 balls of ta da! no unsightly disruptions in my beautiful lace and more importantly, no yarn to weave in except for the beginning and the end. I will definitely use this technique again for my projects, even if it's not lace. (okay, not for my felted items, but for other stuff). I used a blanket under the scarf to retain the same width while blocking. I tried pinning it down, but I was getting these funky points along the sides of the scarf (which wouldn't be bad if that's the look you're going for, but for me, well, I wanted the pattern to be visible, but straight sides). And yes, it looks much better w/ blocking.

Liesel lace scarf pattern
end- 9/28/2005
GGH Lamour corn 3 balls
#7 needles (bamboo interchangeables) - not metal

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Yummy Yarn said...

I had no idea there was a Knitalong for Liesel on Craftster, but someone wrote to me about it and that's how I found you. Z, that is a beautiful scarf! I'm glad you liked the pattern. Will you give me permission to post that picture on my blog?