Sunday, September 11, 2005

DNA scarf (aka SnaBI) done!

Gee, this scarf took me a long time to finish. I had gotten the idea AND yarn for it back in February. And honestly, I was intimidated by cables. I had done a swatch of cabling from SnB book (or maybe it was some other beginners book) using the junkiest yarn I own. The yarn is some acrylic multi-colour thing. Anyway, I was intimidated.

Socks, dpn? no problem. Altho' I've yet to complete a sock project since I got bored w/ mine after turning the heel (and the fact that the self-striping sock yarn I bought isn't to my liking). So, that's sitting in my UFO pile. I'm thinking I'll frog it and make either a kid's hat (there's one in some book that looked cute using this yarn), or a bookmark.

Final stats:
3 and a little more of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino 340207
#4 (maybe should have used #3's)
maybe 13 + pattern repeats? Ends up being longer than I am tall.
6 1/2 months from start to finish. Actual knitting time: 1 month

Observations and things I learned:
how to read a chart
how to excel a chart to aid in chart reading
how I must suffer from some sort of chart amnesia since I have to continually refer back to the said chart (even after the 12th repeat).
how it's helpful (I guess) having years of experience working w/ DNA to know when your pattern has strayed?!

I would like to make it in worsted for my nephew r. He wanted a DNA scarf in red.

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