Monday, September 26, 2005

Lucy in the sky w/ mosaics

I started another Lucy bag, this time using the correct gauge yarn (Patons Merino) and correct needles (#10.5). But as I'm striping, I realize, gee, how boring. And short of spending more cash on Noro to make it even more interesting, I thought I'd do some mosaic knitting. Of course, I've never done this. I tried a stripe w/ mosaic then got paranoid about how it's going to felt up. Is it going to pucker? ack!

So, I'll step back and make a little tester bag first, a little cell phone cozy, perhaps? w/ mosaic designs...felt it, then decide if I'd like a big bag like that. To make sure it all works, will have to do it in the round.

It's too early to take a picture. When I get around to it, I will.

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