Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A wrinkle in time

Did you know that although it takes less than 6 hours to travel from the Island to Magic Mountain, it then takes almost that long to travel from MM to SoCal? At least it feels that way...

Very little traffic, good courteous drivers that move to the right lane as you speed by (and of course you move over as someone comes zipping down the 5.) THEN, you hit LA. Can you come to a complete stop? As Bob the Builder says "Yes you can".

So, whereas the Wrinkle in Time theory goes something to the effect of time is a string and time travel is affected by making a loop and shortening the length of string, I would equate time spent on the 5/405 as the reverse wrinkle in time. (note to self - check traffic before the drive.)

And I won't bore you w/ z's unfortunate chocolate shake incident. Another note to self. Do not think it's a bargain to get a medium malted crunch shake and then give it to a small child sitting in the back seat!

But we're down here now and I brought SnaBI, string scarf, and z's dad sweater. We'll see how much actually gets done.

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