Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm back blogging and knitting

Just got back from SoCal. I got a little knitting done. Worked on my SnaBI scarf and my string scarf. It's now on skein 3 of 4 and will be a decent size once blocked. Checked out Miki's CA Yarn Shop for about 5 seconds. What an amazing place. I couldn't figure out how the store was situated, but she had a lot of different types of yarns--and some look like they're really old. Wish I had more time, tho'.

Speaking of my DNA scarf, I decided not to do the ribbing around the neck and to instead, continue in pattern until I either run out of yarn, or it's the length I want, which ever comes first. Also, my just turned 5 year old nephew wants one too. He wants it in red (likely for the Angels). I told him I'll make it after I'm done w/ mine. Note to self: make his w/ at least worsted weight yarn or it'll take as long as mine.

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