Saturday, August 06, 2005


Took z to garage sales this morning. He's great to take to garage sales. We met a Hannah this morning. Her mom was getting rid of some knitting stuff.
This is what I got in the bag:
#15 needles
#13 needles
#4 needles (bamboo) - the best part is that I almost got these yesterday since I desperately needed 4s.
#6 addi turbo (16in circ) - can you say score!?
#2 inox (40 circ)
#2 metal (16 circ)
2 crochet hooks (one carved wood)
notions bag
tape measure
hook rug needle and other misc. implements
wool yarn - for a thin mini clapotis in blue and gold?
wool blend yarn - going to make a scarf
baby acrylic yarn
homespun yarn
misc red heart, etc.

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