Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Presenting Lucy aka basketball bag

I finished Lucy. The final prefelting dimensions: 21 inches in height and I forgot the circumference (maybe 30"). The straps were 41 inches and 12 inches since LP supposedly shrinks a tad more than C220. Lucy went into the zippered pillow bag that I got at Goodwill along w/ 2 old jeans. Added a squirt of Dawn dish liquid. At 2 hot washes (w/o the cold rinse), it looked pretty good. I did let it go 1 additional wash to shrink it a tad more. I had 3 different sized balls ready for the blocking. Ended up that the regular basketball was the perfect fit. I'm super pleased w/ the results since I wanted a big bag. My only concern it that it's going to look sloppy once I have stuff in it.

Thoughts on felting LP: much more fuzz everywhere. Good thing I had Lucy in a bag. I may still have to shave her-- pretty hairy. She was pretty completely felted after the 1st wash. I guess next projects I would make a tad smaller prefelting size then only wash once. This would save additional yarn for other projects.

Speaking of other projects. I will actually make a cell phone cozy that matches.

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