Saturday, August 13, 2005

Oh my friggin gosh that's a lot of yarn!

Wanted to attend a yarn sale listed on craigslist. Got there and saw there was already a line (Hi Luba). But unlike other garage sales, everyone was pleasant and very friendly -- as yarn folks are, I presume. Anyway, rounded the little corner of the driveway to where the yarn was and 'Oh, my friggen gosh!' The sellers weren't kidding when they said there were ~50 bins of yarn. 50 BINS!!! We were given trash bags and told to pay them what they think the yarn's worth. I got 2 bags the time I got up there, the seller could kinda eyeball it. I will post pics of everything once I have it inventoried. I am not going to need yarn for any projects for a really long time.

Holy macaroni!

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