Thursday, August 11, 2005

call me bag lady.

I am so pleased with my bbl bag (basketball lucy) that I am itching to make another felted bag. I started a little bag from 'Bags: A Knitter's Dozen'. I wanted to use the skein of Lambs Pride Bulky in purple but they suggested 175yds of LP bulky on 10.5 needles. Ummm...I wanted to make a purple bag without buying more yarn. So, I knit w/ 15's since, well, I just did my bbl in the same and it felted beautifully. Well, I initially cast on 30 (vs. their 40 something) and after I got to the st stitch in the round, decided I wouldn't have enough yarn and it's way bigger than I wanted. So, frogged and started over. This time w/ 28 total...still to big...then 26. Did I forget to mention that M1 results in a big hole w/ 15's? Well, had to do a kfb instead and that looked much better. I also omitted one of the bottom round sets so that I did cast on, r1: purl, r2:K1,inc1, inc1,etc., r3:purl,r4:K2...,r5:purl and stopped there. I want a cute little bag. As I'm knitting up the round, I am also increasing every once in awhile so that I get a cute flair up top. We shall see.

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