Monday, August 15, 2005

SnaBI scarf

Many months ago, MIL and I went up to St. Helena to check out a couple of yarn shops. While there, I treated myself to Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for a DNA scarf. At the time, I had not ever cabled, nor read a chart -- gee, I'm not ambitious or anything. Anywhoo, got 4 balls of this yarn w/o knowing anything about gauge or needle size or whether cabling would be good w/ this yarn.

Fast forward to now. I thought now's a good time to learn to cable and so I sarted the scarf. Not as bad as I expected, especially since I wrote out which row I finished and how it coordinates w/ the little twists (that go 1-4). I did finally have to epiphany and since z's dad was on the computer, I had him print out a chart of the rows and how they coordinate w/ the twists. And now, I just have to check off the rows I completed. I've now finished 2 complete patterns and it's going well, methinks. I'm hoping that I'll work on this scarf and actually be able to wear it sooner than later.

btw-it's named SnaBI for one of my favorite restriction enzymes (TAC|GTA)

I've read the DNA KAL and saw that folks finished versions of that scarf in record time. I'm shooting for being done by the end of this month (w/ other projects interspersed). We shall see. That pooled bit of yarn was the result of frogging over 10 rows because I purled when I should have knitted (where the bases interact). Oh, well.

On another front, I finished another pinwheel blanket, this one for our friends w/ a brand new baby. I forgot to give it to them today. This is good since I forgot to take a picture of it.

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