Monday, August 08, 2005

Having a ball! or not.

Got the pattern for this very cool felted bag (Lucy from Two Old Bags) that can be semi-spherical in shape once felted. I am using Lamb's Pride Bulky for this. Of course I started out not checking gauge, and got most of the body done before I got totally paranoid AND realized I hated the color stripe combination AND the broadness of the banding. So, frog frog frog. Took it down to the circular knitting (that would be frogging 14 inches) and checked the felting gauge. My felting doesn't seem to match the 'lunch bag' from Knit and Felt it too. They say 22in height becomes 12 inches. And I get 4 inches becomes 3 inches. Maybe I just didn't felt long enough. Anyway, I figure if I shoot for the final height to be ~12 inches post felting, will be very happy. I am now making small varied stripes with more of the main color and omitting the purple. I hope this works.

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