Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Note to self: get back to blogging! (especially after watching last night's episode of House--at least I don't blog everything in my life, just the knittery stuff).

Anyway, I went to Stitches West w/ a couple of friends. And the convo down to Santa Clara was humorous (to me). This is my recollection, not verbatum:

Knitter 1: what are you getting?
Knitter 2: downloaded sweater patterns. Got the info and buying for a sweater
Knitter 1: getting yarn for sock pattern.
Knitter 2: me too.
me? I said: Nothing. I'm not getting anything. No plans. Maybe if I see something I really want...

So....here's my 'nothing'.
purse handles

Stardust sock yarn (see all the sparklies?)

Misti Alpaca lace

Cardi pattern

Babs sock yarn in grey and deep purple

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