Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Instead of working on the Shetland Lace shawl...

No actual knitting pics here...

So, I've got lots to do...I want to work on the GoL shawl, reading The Road before the movie comes out, laundry before the contractors disassemble the washer and dryer tomorrow name a few.

Instead, I made these for my kid's preschool Halloween party. The idea is from bakerella. She made these cake pops that are so cool. Anyway, so I made them for the party. I started out making white ghosts, but what a disaster. The cake would not stay on the pop and made the
white candy a mess (you dip the cake into candy melts). I maybe salvaged some, and made some ghosts. Z looked at them, and deemed them to be mummies instead, so that's what they'll be.

And then I ran out of the white. Darn. Wanted to be done with these...

Looked high and low, and discovered I had purple candy melts. Yay. But I need eye balls. What to do what to do?

I opted to use chocolate sprinkles inserted into mini marshmallows cut in half. I did figure out that the white candy melt had a different melting point than the purple. The purple melted beautifully, whereas the white was just stiff and didn't cover well (as you can see above).

I highly recommend making these. (I just followed her methods).

The purple monsters weren't perfect. One slipped as I was making it...oops.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Raining

The yarn I found for this project is named 'Rain'. And it looks like rain. It's grey with a tinge of color. When I washed the swatch, it's actually a lighter color.

I decided to knit this the way it's written--the Shetland way. Where one edging is knit, then stitches picked up and the border knit, then the center. Three additional edgings/borders are knit, then sewed on (gulp).

So far, I've knit one edging, and am working on the border. Yep, slow going. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knitting Content

I belong to a knitting group. Actually a couple of knitting groups, but I've been doing other stuff (like having the house remodeled) and have not been very good about attending meetings...or knitting, for that matter. (Bad, I know). Anyway, I'm lucky I haven't been kicked out of the groups.

So, one group decided to do a knitalong. And the pattern chosen after an on-line poll is Shetland Lace Shawl from Gathering of Lace. This is a shawl that I've wanted to knit for some time, so I'm happy.

I found this lovely dark purple yarn in my stash -- it's silk/lace from Colourmart. 2500yds of it. It's beautiful. I used 2.25mm needles and finished off 21 repeats of the edging.
Then found out that most folks needed not 2500yds, but over 3000yds. I contacted the company and unfortunately, they don't have any more of this yarn. Back to square one.

I have since decided on another Colourmart yarn in my stash. The color is 'Rain'. Upon weighing the yarn, it's clear that I should definitely have more than enough for this shawl.

Holy Cow, where have I been?

Ack! I've been Facebooking. Sorry folks. Took a huge hiatus from blogging and knitting, and spent this summer doing summery stuff.

Anyway, I'm back (hopefully) and I'll be posting a bit more regularly.