Thursday, December 29, 2005

Clogs, finally

I'm presently working on the felted clogs (for myself). I'm using Galway in blues. It's actually pretty easy once I wrote it out. I think that this is key. So, I had myself 2 skeins of dark blue and a skein of a lighter blue w/ speckles (I'll go look at the labels another day). I decided to make the women's size 8 for the following. I've used Galway yarns for felting before, and it seems to me that it felts at the last second AND shrinks much smaller. Plus, since I wear a 6-7, I thought, hey, why not. According to the pattern, I needed 600yds of yarn, 200 for top, 400 for bottom and trim. you may know, Galway skeins are 210yds/skein. Hey, 10 yds leeway, that's enough, right? Uhmmm, no.

The good thing is that this is a pretty easy and very fast knit. I knit one clog in one day and started on the other. That's where I ran into trouble...I ran out of yarn for the top! I'd bought this Galway at Skein Lane when they were having their ridiculously good sale. And it was 11pm when I ran out of yarn. I ended up ripping out row 35 down to row 32, and attached the dark blue as one strand. So now, there's a slightly different stripe at the end. I'm hoping it won't be too noticeable (and it's for me anyway...). I figure that if I run out of dark blue for the outer sole, hey, it's the darn bottom of the slipper, I'll deal and maybe get another skein (who cares if it doesn't completely match.)

I'll take a before and after felting pic when I finish the second clog.

Ofcourse z's asked for a pair in his size -- I'm not sure he'd actually wear it. I may make a pair for z's dad if he really likes mine. We'll see.

Again, I'd like to say that they are awefully easy to make and I'd recommend this pattern highly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

yeah, I didn't get coal

I've been bad. I've not been blogging. And worse yet, I can't even blame it on knitting...I only made one gift these past couple of months...a white scarf in feather and fan pattern. Yeah, not hard, and didn't take too long, but still...

and worse yet, I forgot to take a picture of it before I gifted it. Here's what I remember...the yarn was some white yarn (w/ angora maybe) and I used a size 9 needle (to get a more lacy look). I casted on 40 stitches and followed the pattern of 2 rows knit, 3rd row: knit 2, (k2tog)X3, (YO, k)X6, (k2tog)X6,(YO, k)X6, (k2tog)X3, k2. Row 4 knit (this is also the row I count to double-check that I didn't screw up the pattern).

It looked pretty darn good after blocking. And it was gifted to MIL. Hope she liked it.

Anyway, I didn't get coal for xmas...I got some very lovely presents.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stupid cupcake!

Was set to go to SnB last night--really I was. I ate dinner early,and had gotten stuff together. We were getting set to go when z started saying his tummy hurt. I look over and he's spit on the hard wood floor (not looking good) in the living room. As I started to tell him (in super slo mo) 'noooooooo' he threw up. Poor little kid -- came out his nose too, and you all know how yucky that is. I told him to stay there and got paper towels to clean him and the mess up. After I clean him up, and in the process of cleaning up the floor, I ask him whether he's going to be sick again or not. There was a no -- right before the second vomit on the floor (this time in the dining room), followed by a third vomit, of course in a third location.

After all that, he said he felt better, but man, I wasn't going to risk taking him to SnB.

What does it have to do w/ cupcakes? Apparently, he had cupcakes at daycare yesterday afternoon 'cause it was a's birthday (he turned 2). Anyway, z seems to think that's what got him sick--and I'm inclined to agree...stupid cupcakes...