Monday, February 23, 2009

All the knitting...

Okay. Here's the knitting content:

Since last I blogged, I've knitted a few items.

I'm still really seriously in like with my book, Pitsilised Koekirjad . I liked pattern 201, so I knit it.
estonia shawl 201 closeup

The finished shawl:
estonia shawl 201

Started January 25 2009
Completed January 31 2009
yarn: Colourmart laceweight
amount used: 989yds
needle: size 4US

Cast on 113 stitches. 4 rows garter stitch. This pattern is knit on both sides. I modified the pattern by reducing the number of 'vertical' line to 3 stitches instead of the 5 in the pattern.


Next up is Evelyn Clarke's do-it-yourself Lace triangle shawl. This is from her book "Knitting Lace Triangles".

lum triangle modeled
I had my little one pretend she was a red butterfly (getting her not to flap her wings). She was such a great model that I'll have to use her again--but only if she's not busy playing beautyshop.

Started February 5 2009
Completed February 18 2009
yarn: Colourmart cashmere/merino laceweight
amount used: 575yds
needle: size 4US


Finally, a market bag. I actually don't own this book, but checked it out of the library. This is from Mason-Dixon's new book, and it's got some funky stitches. But 2 were the same as the ones from Heere be Dragone, so I just fudged it a bit. I figured that it's a market bag...for going to the market. So long as stuff doesn't fall out, I'm doing okay.

Instead of using the thicker Euroflax, i used some #8 cotton I had around. I had to increase the circumference as well as the depth of the bag.
market bag

A galaxy far far away...or why I've not updated recently

We had a very cool 6th birthday party. A Star Wars party. Since the party was held at a party place, we just had to do invitations and provide food and drink.
I opted for not going nuts on the preprinted party material and kept it at just the table covering. We got grey silverware and grey napkins. And we seriously had a bunch of Star Wars toys so we used them as table setting.
I thought about baking a Death Star cake, but there was a special request for cupcakes...

The light sabers were made by dipping small pretzels in chocolate.

I also dipped large pretzels in chocolate and made the light saber handles. These were given to the kids.

It was a fun party. The knitting will be in the next entry.