Friday, September 12, 2008

Erbstullgrund and Lacis lace meeting

This month's meeting at Lacis was without our fearless leader, Mary Frances. But as usual, it was interesting and fun. I got to show off my Lyra and a friend of mine is doing her Lyra with Habu merino -- nice!

I started Estullgrund there and worked on it off and on this week. What fun! I've seriously got to say this is one of the funnest Niebling's I've done--ever. There aren't endless rounds of hex mesh, just enough...a few knit 5 togethers...and yes, even ONE crossed stitch per section.

It would have been done earlier, but I stalled out on the edging region. I could not make heads or tails from the instructions. I figured you needed to do some make1's and that your final stitch count should be 101 stitches, but neither Babelfish nor Google translate was very helpful. I did end up googling this pattern and emailing a knitter that also knit this. I received her notes and voila, edging.

But then tragedy. I realized there's no way I'd have enough to finish the edging. I used a partial ball of thread figuring I'd have enough. No problem. Shortened it and bound off.

Started August 6 2008
Completed August 10 2008
thread: Manuela No. 10 thread
amt: .9 balls
pattern: Burda 908/42 Erbstullgrund
mods: changed the edging by making it smaller

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I actually finished Lyra a couple of days ago. But when I went to look at it preblocking, I realized there were stains on the white cotton. Drats. Double Drats. Anyway, it spent a day in time out, and then another night in oxyclean. As I pinned it out, I realized there are additional stains. I'm not sure how that came to be (am sure it had nothing to do w/ the fact that this was toted EVERYWHERE).

From the closeup, you can see where the binding occurs. Remember, I did not change needles, fuss or muss with the pattern at all. It is knitted as originally written. I didn't even bother changing the needle size at row 113 as per Anna Burda version.

I've got to agree w/ many folks that have knitted this beauty, it's not the most difficult Niebling, but it's quite a fun little knit (altho' I found the leaf edging a pita-- so up to the leaf edging very fun). I opted to knit the square version, but had a heck of a time trying to block it out to the square shape.

Anyway, here's the pic and specs:

lyra square
Patern: Lyra by Herbert Niebling (Anna Burda magazine)
Started August 12 2008
Completed August 31 2008
thread: Cordonnet #100 2.1 balls
needles: 0000dpns 000circs (32in)
mods: none. no needle change, no additional stitch, nada. See, you can see where there's binding. Yes. There is binding when you knit Lyra with thread.

eta: this is much smaller than other folks Lyra since I used #100 thread with 000 needles.