Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm so very excited!

Checking out the local Freecycle and received the most awesome item(s). Many thanks to nurseknits, I am now the proud owner of a knitting machine. Not just any knitting machine, but it comes with all sorts of books, winder, and even a light!

I had too much to do this afternoon to take pictures of it (we're starting to sort through stuff and moving things to our renovated spaces), but I'll try to remember once I've got my craft room set up. Oh, yes, I get a craft room...okay it's a craft room slash parlor slash office slash room where all things may end least it's not the Attic?!

Actually, I really do like our attic. Not only do I like the attic, but so does my cat. We had the contractors put plywood over the insulation so that we can use it for storage. My yarn bins will go up here. (again, when I organize my stash, some will live here).

How the heck did the cat get up there? How you ask? Did I mention that we have 12 foot ceilings? He of course climbed the world's most amazing attic ladder. Built in Tennessee (or was it Kentucky?), it's a piece of engineering marvel.

Anyway, back to the craft room. You see that space to the right of the attic stairs? That used to be our office/crafting room. Now, it's no longer a room at all, but an entryway downstairs. And my crafting area in that room? It's now space--space where stairs now reside.

Now that our renovations are almost complete. We are starting to move stuff around, and I already know where the wonderful machine will go.

Very happy.

Oh, as far as knitting, I've still got the KAL going, but it's sort of on hiatus while I finish another knitting project.

And I've joined BadCatDesign's new KAL. I've always admired her designs and her blog, so this will be good. The best part is that I've got the yarn (I haven't already picked it, but am very confident that I have it somewhere in my stash) and just need to get the beads (which of course will be gotten after I figure out the yarn...).

Oh, and I've got to make another curtain. This time for the back window.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


psst. I finished. I knit the curtain, I blocked the curtain, I weaved in the ends...need to still put up the hardware for the door, but here it is:
this is the Steinrose curtains (Anna Burda July 1992). Nice knit. A few minor errors in the pattern (or maybe I just misread them). The knit 7 togethers were a minor pain, but other than that...
I knit this curtain using a provisional cast-on since I didn't know how I wanted the bottom edge (it's knitted bottom up). I then found that in one iteration of this pattern, they used this edging. But I had already did some plain knitting, but I like the break before the edging.
Anyway, specs:
needles: US0
yarn: linen thread
time: complete blur...will have to check the actual dates
pattern: Steinrose from Niebling