Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! And if you celebrate something else around this time, well, Happy Holidays!

I'm still recovering from my knitting frenzy. I did manage to knit the 1hour baby shoes from SnB Nation. I couldn't find my LP bulky, so I used some cheapy thicknquick Woolease. Uhmmm...they came out HUGE. But cute. And seriously, less than an hour.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boy, are my arms tired...

Yep, you got it. Count them, 10 scarves done and wrapped and ready to go. Actually, there are 2 extras that I'm planning on giving to my friends after the holidays (I won't get a chance to see them until then). I've taken pics of them, and will post (with specs if I remember what the specs were) when I get a chance. Now, I've just got to do the actual shopping/wrapping of everyone else's presents. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 18, 2006


What I great idea I had...scarves for z and a's teachers...that's not too bad, 3 teachers each. I can whip up 6 scarves in 7 days (actually, only 5 since I had that one chenille one done already). la la la...go shopping for la la, maybe some wool, some blends, some pretty ribbony yarn, and some acrylic but soft la la...yeah, no problem...wrong.

uhmm...turns out since a's in the baby room, there are actually 6 teachers!!!!

How in the heck am I gonna knit that many scarves?! That is 9 1 for the director. If I'd known that, I think I'd have just gotten them gift cards...

ack! I've knitted all weekend, and surprisingly I've got 5 done. (AND they're not all bulky yarn, so I didn't cheat too much.) Albeit there is one neckwarmer. I think I'm making a couple more of those.

Pictures to be posted when I'm done. Oh, did I mention that since daycare is closed on Friday, they've got to be all done and wrapped by Thursday?! ack!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lacevember winnings

Here's what I won:
a bag for knitting project
3 balls of Kidsilk Haze
stitchmarkers (which I've already put to use)
Kiri pattern
lovely note from the Lacevember hostesses.

Cool or what!?

You know, I think I'm not a good picture taker, that or my camera has blue issues, and my monitor, yes, it's off too. I've ordered yarn from ebay and found that it doesn't look too much like what I see on the monitor. Everything is bluer in real, does that mean that I need to overcompensate on my monitor? But when I get my pictures printed, they are also bluer than real life...I guess there's not much I can do there except edit every picture ...there must be something I can tweak with the camera. Heh, whatever, the yarn is a beautiful purple. (I have no idea what it looks like on your monitor).

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Xmas!

I got home yesterday from shopping and found this.

How lucky am I?!
This is Zephyr from Sarah's Yarn (in Basil). I split this cone with a friend of mine 'cause I just can't see using five THOUSAND yards of yarn. But with the split, it's perfect. I can make 1 large project and 1 small one, or make 2 medium sized shawls. It's beautiful. Can't wait to start using it. But only after I finish gift knitting.

Oh, and she sent colour cards of ALL the yarn she carries.

I actually received something else too -- my lacevember prize! I haven't taken a picture of that yet, but go see it on the lacevember site. I'll post about that tomorrow (with pic).

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nonknitting mom rec-type post

I'm in a mom's group. Actually, I was in two mom's groups, and one was at the knitting shop (so I guess this post is knitting related). Several of the knitting mom's group members had very comfy looking carriers, and of course, me being the covetor of baby carriers, why, I was intrigued. I have several and there are two that are current favorites.

This is in the order of trying/procuring them:

Bjorn - that's the Baby Bjorn. Had that w/ Z and he loved it until, wait, he loved it. I hated it after he was 3 months old. My back hurt like the dickens and it was no longer fun. With A, she's lots smaller (at 6months, she's 14lbs and 5th percentile).We're okay using it, but it's all straps and octopus-like when not in use. I've got to say that the Bjorn worked great for Halloween this year since we were able to zip her costume on over the Bjorn. So, I had a lobster strapped to me while we went Trick-o-Treating.
Bottom Line: we don't use it much any more. And then there's the issues about all the weight being at the crotch etc. (sigh)

Knitting scale: 1 ball of yarn - you can knit w/ it on if the baby's turned toward you and better if they're asleep. But, your arms will get tired from holding the knitting away from you.

Ringed sling - too fiddly. Worried about ring slipping and child dropping out. (Altho' I've had many-a-moms swear by this type.)

Knitting scale: didn't try it.

New Native/other pouches - I have count them, 2 NN pouches and another pouch just because. Why do I love these? Why they're wonderful. Very compact and baby stays put. When infant-sized, they're snuggled like a bug in a rug and when they fall asleep, you can take the whole thing off and put them down in the crib where the sling acts as a blanket. And super portable. You want to hop in and out of the car w/ baby, no problem. And did I mention the handy dandy loop on the side? Why you can connect your keys or a favorite toy to it and it's not going anywhere. When they get older, you can have them sit in the sling and you can even swing them around to the back. With z, I had him in a sling at 1.3 years while we hiked around the lava fields of the Big Island.

Knitting scale: 3 balls of yarn. If you swing the whole contraption around at least to the side, works pretty well.

Ergo carrier - This is my favorite right now. The on the back thing. Great. Thumbs up. Everyone should get one. No, really, go to the store and get one now. Stop reading and go. It's pretty much a soft front/back pack with backpack clips. It's a tad expensive, but if you think about the fact that it should carry them from birth til 40lbs, that's pretty good. When I went to check them out, I had z, my almost 4 year old, climb in and we walked around the store with him on my back. And now I'll carry him around in it sometimes just for fun.

Knitting scale: 5 balls of yarn. Have them in the backpack position and you can pretty much do all the normal tasks...including knitting.

Other carriers:
The Kangaroo wrap and others - you know, the long piece of cloth thing. Well, a couple of moms in my group have them and they swear by them. But I've got an aversion to tying things, I'm paranoid that the knots won't hold, or more frustrating, they will be too tough to untie.

Kelty or other framed backpack - yes, I have one of these too. They're light for what they are, but man, they're heavy and bulky and I kinda feel like a pack animal when I have it on (think lumbering elephant carrying the maharajah...yeah, don't go there).

MaiTais and other Asian inspired carriers - yes, I covet these too. They are darned purty. But see above and my aversion to tying. Maybe sometime I'll get supercrafty and make one...hmm...not going to happen.

Oh, I was once upon a time thinking I could knit a sling, but have since talked myself out of it (there's a pattern somewhere on the intarweb).
1)It would take a ton of yarn
2)It would be very boring to knit
3)One word. Stretch. The baby and the sling would end up dragging on the floor.
3a)I could felt it, but see 1) and it would take 2 tons of yarn
3b)That would be like knitting a big purse...hmm...nope, not doing it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red Scarf project

At SnB a bit back, we were chatting about charity knitting, and I mentioned that I'd be interested in doing that (since I had all that free time and all). I commented on the Red Scarf Project, and how I thought that was a cause I could knit for, if I only remembered to get some red yarn. Well, I was given a skein of Lamb's Pride in Blue Blood Red by Ann, so now I had to knit the scarf. As I looked and fondled the yarn, I remembered how much I enjoyed working with LP, and oh, what a color.

This is a nice yarn. And a nice red. I must do it justice. I was a tad worried that one skein wouldn't be enough to make a scarf to spec (something like 60in and 5-8inin width). I was thinking Irish hiking scarf, but that took too much yarn. Then I thought about man-lace (since it should be a non-gender scarf), but I didn't have any pattern books handy. So, I surfed and found a nice pattern. In my first attempt (trying to get the width) I casted on 23 stitches on #8s. 4 seed stitches on each side as a border, that's the ticket. That will get the width. But, as I continued, I realized this will be a really short scarf.
So I ripped it and started over and did a 2-stitch seed border. Looks much better. And I knit. And I'm done. And I blocked it. And it's dry, but darn it, it curls! How do you fix that?!Specs:
Yarn: 1 skein of BlueBloodRed LP worsted
needles: old pair of plastic #8 (which, btw, I love using)
casted on 19 stitches (one pattern repeat)
start-finish: 12/1/2006-12/4/2006
size: approx. 5in X 55in
-Will send off in January

You know, this charity knitting thing does give you the warm fuzzies (and it's not the mohair). I must do more...AFTER I finish more presents.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Baby needs a new hat!

Through surfing around, I came across the meathead hat kal and shoot, I just had to do it. However, stitch marker requested it be done in Lambspride bulky, doubled. And to fit my ginormous noggin, I'll have to make a large hat (46 stitches)...that would mean getting 2 skeins at the LYS. Well, with my chaotic schedule (okay, fear of inadvertently increasing the stash), I haven't had a chance to do that yet. So, the hat remains unmade.

Yesterday, it was chilly here on the Island, so, I went to put a hat on A (you know, one of the super cute ones she got from her knitting buddies), only to find that her little head ain't so little. Yep, baby needs a new hat.

I had some Sirdar bulky hanging about, so I set to knit the hat. Whoah, what a fast knit. I didn't bother knitting in the round since, well, it's only how many rows? 30 something? So, I did my back-o-the-envelope math and figured I'd follow the pattern exactly without doubling the yarn and using size 8 needles and cast on.

I finished and seamed it and guess what?! It's a tad small. She can wear it, and it's darling, but it sorta rides up a bit.

I then casted on again (same yarn, same needles) adding 4 more stitches and an extra row of decreases. This is much better.

A big part of these hats is the embellishing. I crocheted a small flower from yarn 'left over' from my Flora UFO and stuck that on the hat. We're all better now.

pattern- meathead hat
yarn Sirdar
needles #8 straights, then seamed
crochet 5-petal flower with purple yarn

Comments: This is not only a quick and easy pattern, but dang, my kid keeps her hat on. I don't know if it's the construction of the hat or what, but it stays put.