Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ornament swap

I've been remiss. Thank you all who were in my group for the ornament swap. They are absolutely lovely. And I shall definitely do it again.
ornament swap

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Sheep!

xmas sheep

too bad z doesn't knit, then it could be a family portrait in sheep...I guess I'll have to get busy knitting another sheep...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Rock Lobster

lobster toy

What a fun little knit.

I test knit this for Mahoney on Ravelry and it turned out great. It was a very easy to follow pattern and the best part was that it was knit in the round. yippee!

Go here for the pattern.

start - finish: December 2007
needles: US2
yarn: red acrylic yarn
amount: not too much

eyes were felt holes punched out with hole punch and sewed on.

I think I'm going to make another one.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bobble hat sheep

Another one done. This is another.

4th sheep

4th sheep side view

start date: December 17, 2007
finish date: December 22, 2007

Timmy's mom

Hee. Here's Timmy's mom.

Timmmy's mother
Pattern: Shaun the Sheep & Friends Mobile
yarns: same as Shaun
needles: US2
time started: Dec 13, 2007
time finished: Dec 14, 2007

The curlers were sections of straw with yarn wrapped around. And you all know my pet peeve about glue so the curlers were sewn on using Cebelia #30 (left over from the doily). I was going to make a scarf, but I thought I'd make her a shawl instead. Here's a picture of the mini triangular shawl.

minishawl for sheep a

This is the pattern for the main portion of 0484/15 shawl. I think I may have to make a big one for me. And unfortunately, I don't know what this pattern is called. Please let me know if you've seen it elsewhere.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A rose is is a rose

I was just looking through my Burda E554 and realized that my table topper from the previous post (0896/20) is called 'FAN' in this "best of the 90's Anna"--probably for the fan things that I need to reblock.

This naming thing is pretty easy, just call it what it is. Altho' there's a lace page I was looking at where the lace pieces were renamed (or maybe translated). But I have no idea which pattern I need to find. So, I'm all for giving as much information as possible -- and not just 'old German magazine'. argh! I've got a bunch of old German magazines...which ones? Okay, it's now a toss-up among Filigree, Lyra, and Federolde... I just need a three-sided coin.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Xmas present done

I decided that my brother and sister in-laws needed a doily. So this is what I knitted up for them.
0896_20 complete
Does this look really familiar. Actually, I didn't plan on it. The picture in the magazine is white table topper on light pink background and I thought, hey, that's about the size I want to make for them...well, doesn't it look like Lotus Flower?

Anyway, I hope they like it. I shall have to reblock the little fan things, they turned out uneven. (it was done late into the night)

thread: Cebelia white #30
needle: US0 dpn and circ (2mm)
time start: December 9, 2007
time end: December 14, 2007
pattern: 0896/20 table topper from Anna magazine August 1996

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Timmy's done. Here he is.

timmy sheep

I had a dickens of a time trying to get him to look right. For whatever reason, I had his ears too low and he was looking sinister.

I repositioned, and he looks much better. I had to redo his pacifer a couple of times. The loop was very funky. I ended up taking a jump ring and wrapping it with yarn, then sewing it to the pacifier.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Ornament swap

I saw it on Craft so I had to join. May I introduce "Team Korknisse"
team korknisse color

I like how they're different colors.

I do hope my swapmates like them. Pattern is basically Korknisse . I played around with tension and stitch numbers etc.

start: sometime after Thanksgiving
finish: December 6, 2007 where I was putting on loops and coloring in eyes
needles: US9 dpns
yarn: Lambs pride
amount used?

Pixie Hat--Pattern

I had one ball of natural pink Patons SWS yarn and A needed a new hat. So, here it is:

pixie hat
Pixie Hat

1 ball SWS yarn
1 set dpn US9
1 circular US9 16"

With ball of yarn, start with pink or white region. When you reach a region of green, cut yarn and wind off until color change, then resume knitting. At decrease -- k13, change yarn to green and continue knitting in greens only. This color scheme results in a little upside down flower. Of course you may disregard completely and just do stripes.

CO72 stitches onto circular needles
Mark beginning of round, and knit in 2X2 ribbing for 6 rows
Knit in stockinette for 14 rows

Begin decrease rounds:
*K16, K2tog* to end of round.
Knit one round
K15, K2tog* to end of round.
at the point of K13, change yarn to green.
*K1, K2tog* to end of round.
Knit one round
*K2tog* to end of round.
Knit one round
break yarn and with darning needle, thread through remaining loops and tie off. Sew in all ends.

start time: December 5, 2007
finish time: December 5, 2007

Here's the hat in action:

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shaun the sheep

I'm so excited. Look what came in the mail yesterday? What? why yes, through the wonderful world of Ravelry, I was able to swap some of my stuff for the the magazine (it's the Simply Knitting December issue). Why swap? Well, let me tell you that it's not available in the states yet. They didn't have this issue available at any of the bookstores, so what's a girl to do? I swapped with a very nice Raveler, socherry, who lives in Scotland! shawn mobile pattern sk

hee hee. I immediately went to the LYS (Alameda Yarn Company) and asked her for sheep-like yarn. She obliged and here's the equipment list for my first Shaun.

These include:
the super soft yarn for the wool, Wendy Peter Pan's Velvet Touch
good ole Patons wool
black crochet cotton
white felt
US2 needles
hole punch and pipe cleaner

the hole punch for punching out felt eyeballs and the pipe cleaner for my Shauns legs.

What a fun easy knit (okay, as with all Alan Dart patterns, a bit fiddly). My only modifications were that I didn't use glue and hairspray and whatever else to stick things onto Shaun. I also knitted his legs as I-cords instead of flat. I did use skewers for the needles, but I didn't have wooden pony beads, so I raided my bead stash and these were the only beads that fit. I must craft, because except for the wool-like yarn, I had all the other stuff.

So, introducing Shaun, knitting, of course
Shaun w sweater

Other views:Shaun on side
shaun back

I should mention that Shaun's knitted piece is actually my first attempt at color-work. As my knitting friends have said, it's not that hard. I guess I'll have to go try some intarsia now. And the box he's sitting on is a can of oysters (for scale).

Oh, and then, well...I went 'doh' and changed out what he's knitting. hee hee . I am gleeful. I have to go make all the rest of them now. Shaun w lace

Monday, December 03, 2007

A few pictures of the shawl

I actually wove in the ends and am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Well, it is gray. But they only had gray and tan and a marled available, so...I forgot to say that when it was looking wet and furry and a tad felted, I started thinking about how in heck I could salvage it (seriously looked like a sad wet giant mouse). But it blocked out and I might even wear it. Nah, it'll probably go into a bag to be put away.

0484 on hanger

0484 finished

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Niebling shawl complete

I finished the shawl and didn't know which edging to use, the doily or shawl...so since I wanted to bind off and finish today, I posted the question and pictures to Ravelry.

That was the only place I knew where folks would instantly put their 2 cents in--and they did. The shawl bind off won. So, I spent some time and bound off the shawl.

yarn: 2/18NM fine 4ply weight 51% baby alpaca 49% cashmere from Colourmart
Amount used: 70 grams = 677yds
needles: Addi lace US3 and US8 for bindoff
Start date: November 21, 2007
Finish date: December 2, 2007

modifications: I couldn't figure out the start, so I fudged that section. I also added a couple rows of garter before the edging, but it's hard to tell. The 3YO where 10 stitches went into was reduced to 2YOs, and the hole is still pretty huge.

This pattern rocks. I really like how it turned out. And from the magazine, you couldn't tell that it had such nice detail. You couldn't see the back of the shawl, and the tablecloth was a small picture insert.

My only 'complaint' shockingly has to do with the yarn. I love Colourmart yarns, but this one...the yarn was springy and tended to twist up when knitting (you know I use a yarn cone holder, so the yarn isn't picking up additional twists from the cone). And when I was washing the oils out at the end, I found that the shawl had started to felt. I blocked this shawl hard. Yes, you can bounce a quarter off of it. The edges are still a little stuck together. Tomorrow, I figure I'll go and try to tease it apart.

I might have to make the tablecloth, since even tho' I have to purl on the right side, I can knit the resting row (unlike having to purl for this shawl). Maybe maybe I'll start Lyra now. Or I might start Federdolde or Filigree.

I'll post more pictures when it's actually dry.