Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lotus Flower

I've finished Lotus Flower. Yes. Another Neibling. I probably should have been making my Christmas ornaments for a swap I joined, or Christmas presents, but instead, worked on this.
lotus flower complete
yarn: Royale crochet thread #20-less than 3 balls in white
needles: 0 dpn and 0 circs (2mm)
start: November 1, 2007
finish: November 17, 2007

As Nieblings go, this was pretty easy. I really like the way it turned out. Pinning it out was a pain. I really need to get this more exact. The size? there's a copy of Goodnight Moon next to the top picture.

For blocking, I had to 'borrow' my children's foam letter floor mat. Okay, borrow forever. I originally purchased it 4 years ago for my my son, but he and the cat decided they like to chew on the foamy material. The cat loved it to chew on and to scratch. He (that would be the human boy, not the cat boy) took off an inch chunk before we realized it. So, we packed it up and didn't even think about taking it out for A when she was starting to walk (we bought it so Z would have a cushion if he fell).

This works very well. And yes, I could have gone to Article Pract (or any other LYS) and purchased their $48 blocking mat, but hey, I had this and it works wonderfully. Now I can finally block out Frosted Fern.

Here's another shot of Lotus.
lotus flower complete closeup2

Oh, I think I'm going to rip Campanile. What?! Well, I was looking at the pattern, and it looks very similar to Lotus Flower. I think I'll use the cashmere/silk for something else.

What next? I started knitting for the ornament swap and I'm knitting my xmas presents (finally). As for Nieblings, I think I'm going to do Filigree or Lyra next.


fleegle said...

Oh my...that is lovely lovely lovely. I might have to make one real soon.

I am sorry you are going to rip Campanile. I forgot what yarn you chose for it but I remember that the color was beautiful.

Almost finished with Lyra--20 rows to go. It's a wonderful knit!

nurhanne said...


Soo said...

That is beautiful. Gorgeous work as always.

Just looking at it reminds me how much I want to get stuck into another Niebling. But need to sort out Christmas knitting first. Sigh.

Diane said...

Another beautiful piece. Niebling patterns are so lovely to look at.

z's momma said...

Dear fleegle,

You should definitely make one. Altho' I was a tad 'done' with it after the first set of flowers. If I make another one, it will be an abbreviated one. Campanile was colourmart cash/silk in rosehip. And can't wait to see your Lyra.

z's momma said...

Dear Soo,

Sneak in a little Niebling. Just a little one. ;-)

z's momma said...

Dear nurhanne,

Thank you. I love your Anglaise.

z's momma said...

Dear diane,

Thanks so much for your comments. I must say that I really like Niebling's flowers and leaves...