Saturday, January 16, 2010


psst. I finished. I knit the curtain, I blocked the curtain, I weaved in the ends...need to still put up the hardware for the door, but here it is:
this is the Steinrose curtains (Anna Burda July 1992). Nice knit. A few minor errors in the pattern (or maybe I just misread them). The knit 7 togethers were a minor pain, but other than that...
I knit this curtain using a provisional cast-on since I didn't know how I wanted the bottom edge (it's knitted bottom up). I then found that in one iteration of this pattern, they used this edging. But I had already did some plain knitting, but I like the break before the edging.
Anyway, specs:
needles: US0
yarn: linen thread
time: complete blur...will have to check the actual dates
pattern: Steinrose from Niebling


Anonymous said...

That is exquisite and so inspiring. Just wonderful. You should be proud of this beautiful piece of knitting!


PenCraft said...

lovely, and such a wonderful idea for curtains!

Laura Sue said...

Gasp. That's my usual reponse to your knitting. Gasp. Lovely.

Unknown said...

This is truly beautiful. Do you know where I could get this pattern?