Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curtain #2

I'm embarking on a new knitting project. Yay. It's the back door curtains. I have been checking out the Ikea curtains, and have decided that I shall instead knit this for the home. I'm doing the Teerose curtains from Burda Special E418.

I also decided to use even finer Irish linen (ebay). It's 20 Lea. So, doing the handy dandy conversion (1Lea=300yd/lb) equals 6000yds/lb...which to my eye, feels like a #80 thread? Much thinner than what I used for the front door curtains. But all's well.

My swatch was 20stitches/3 inches, so I should be able to do 3 complete flowers for this curtain.

Cast on 180 +14 stitches using #0 needles.

Knit a few rows of stockinette, and I'm ready to rumble.

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