Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rear Window

So, here is my rear window. Isn't it a happy window? It looks out into our backyard. Right now, the backyard is a vision of green... with oxalis stricta.

You can't see it through the window, but we've unfortunately have a toilet in the back yard too. With the weeds, I guess the contractor forgot to take it. Nor do you see all the other junk in the back yard. What you can see is the 2 doors we had removed during our remodel, and the chair that one of the workers had out there when he ate lunch.

I decided to use a smaller linen thread than what was used for the front window (because it arrived after I started the Steinrose curtains for the front of course).

I'm now at the first of many many leaves. This is a very straight forward pattern (as all Nieblings are). After I finish the first set of leaves, I'll block and calculate how many more leaf sets I'll do before the funky flowers.

Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love coned yarn/thread? Love it! How many yards are on this cone? More than you or I can imagine...Okay, so, it's 25 Lea (I forgot and had to double check). I've got over a pound of this thread, so, I have over 8000 yds of this. I can make curtains til the cows come home.

By the way, here's my front window, looking out. Why yes, it does make me happy.


Jackie's Stitches said...

I love the lace curtain that you knit! Perfect!

Jerry said...

I've been contemplating doing these curtains. I've read a bunch of your blog and you're a true inspiration!

Street Imp said...

Where might I find the pattern for this curtain?