Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Binding Anemone

I finishished my cut down version of Anemone and I have a huge issue. It is binding. I've read about Niebling patterns binding, and smug me, I'm saying "I'm such a loose knitter that binding won't be a problem". Well, it's binding. I guess I could try to block it differently, but that was the only way to get the leaves in the center to lay down flat. Oh, well.

If anyone has suggestions as to how to alleviate binding, please let me know. I did read about going up a size in needles, but It's one section and I'm thinking going up to US1 with #30 thread probably isn't the best.

Any ideas? I'll go post on Nieblinglace group too. Maybe they've got some insights.

anemone done2

thread: Cebelia #30 in ecru : 80 grams (that would be 1 3/5 balls)
needle: KP Harmony dpns and Inox circs in US0
started: 1-10-08
end: 1-30-08
mods: omitted the outer section and edging. Added a couple of extra hex mesh rows and used a k2-yo-k2 edging. The next row was k, the subsequent pattern rows (3) were k,k2tog,yo,k2. Finished off with a k row and crochet bind off using 10 sc w/ 5 stitches.

anemone closeup

Other than the binding, I didn't have any problems with the pattern at all. It's pretty, but guess what it reminds me of...yep, filigree. here's a picture of filigree:

Is there a pattern I can do that won't remind me of another?


fleegle said...

I haven't experienced binding yet, because I knit with stretchy lace wool. I am sure I will run into this problem at some point.

As for resemblance, I guess this is one problem with Nieblings. They do all start to look close relatives after a while. Seen that flower before, yes I have...

BadCatDesigns said...

With cotten thread, I don't see how you could have avoided that binding. I guess going up one needle size at that point might have helped, but I don't know if the outside tier would look as lovely in a larger gauge. Using a yarn with some give would help. Binding or not, it is beautiful.

Opal said...

Anemone is gorgeous! I do see the resemblance to Filigree though. I do hope you find a solution to the binding problem!