Thursday, January 03, 2008

First FO for '08

Okay, maybe there's a little manipulation there. I am still working on the Spanish peacock doily turned into a lap blanket, but that is sooooo tedious at this point that I had to do a Niebling so that my first finished object of 2008 is a Niebling. It's from Meyers Handarbeitsheft Nr. 14 - Kunststricken

It is called 'Hangeblume'. A quick google translation = Hanging Flower.

Hanging Flower

This little ditty is only 64 rows, so you'd think relatively quick knit. However, much acrobatics are involved (that's why I'm pretty sure it's HN). There are crossed stitches, there are k6tog, and the new to me slip 3 knit 6 and P3SO the 6...very cool.

pattern: Hangeblume
needles: 2.25mm (would have used 2.0mm, but couldn't find them at start of project)
thread: vintage J&P Coats #30 (6 cord merc. cotton). The original price tag for the 400yd thread was $.25 - used less than 1 ball.
start: December 31, 2007
finish: January 2, 2008

This thread was a bit discolored and I had the finished doily soak a bit in oxyclean. Now, back to the blanket...


Diane said...

k6tog!?!?! You are a very brave knitter for tackling so many difficult patterns. Much braver than I.

Jan-Knit said...

This is gorgeous!

Soo said...

What a lovely pattern to start the year with!

fleegle said...

That's so sweet! I will be starting a doily afghan after I finish the Paton shawl-decided the Peacock one would drive me nuts, so I picked a different pattern. Can't blame you for disliking it.