Saturday, January 26, 2008

Upcoming projects

My list of projects just keep on getting longer and longer...
linen 20_2

linen 40_2

This is 100% linen thread in 2 weights (2 tubes of 20/2 and one of 40/2). This thread is for the curtains in our kitchen. I've been mulling it in my brain for a while and looking through old Anna magazines. I like some of them, but I'm almost thinking that I might try to convert a pie shaped wedge to a flat panel and do a bunch of flowers for my kitchen.

Anyway, I did try to get the thread at Lacis, but they didn't have the 20/2. WEBS had this thread in a number of different weights. And they have really great customer service. I called to ask them about what weight I needed and when I explained what I wanted to use it for, the rep was relieved because I guess folks try to use it for clothing and this apparently doesn't work well for that. I ended up also getting the 40/2 because I couldn't decide which I wanted to use. I figure what ever I don't use for the kitchen curtains, I can use for another room.

Other thoughts going through my brain...I am working on 2 hats, one is a test knit and I love it. I just have to knit the brim, get some hard material to go in it, and sew it up. Here's a pic of the progress of this guy It's called Twister and developed by the lovely Anne Kuo Lukito:

test hat no brim another view
This is a brimless Twister. There's a bowling ball in it right now, and I need to knit the brim. It's very nice knit. I highly recommend when the pattern becomes available.

I'm also knitting another hat (because it's been so darn cold and wet here lately). It's done in Moda Dea Tweedle Dee. This is an interesting yarn that transitions in the red tones. I'll take a pic when I'm done. Or I might rip it and make a toque or something...

And I'm getting geared up to knit Filigree. Colourmart, I think.

And in celebration of The Year of the Rat, I'm going to do a Chalk & Cheese mouse and call it a rat. And I wanted to make snowme for a friend for next weekend.

Oh, and while at WEBS site, I had to get this yarn. It's 100% bamboo laceweight. In hindsight, maybe I should have just gottten this in white for the curtains. Any one know whether bamboo yarn weathers? How does UV light affect it? btw--That's why I chose linen--it stands up to sunlight.

..yikes! gotta get knitting.


fleegle said...

Yes, please get on the sticks! (fleegle snorts, ducks, and runs,,,)

Diane said...

Can't wait to see your lace curtins.

CraftyDiversions said...

Your Twister looks great! Thanks for being a guinea pig! :)