Friday, January 04, 2008

Cursed yarn

I received 'cursed yarn' from knitterbarb on Ravelry. The only stipulation was that I used it to make something and post it up on Ravelry in 6months. This yarn apparently used to be a bright blue, and she overdyed it with darker blue/greens.

She thought it was cotton/acrylic and there were 8 skeins.
I opted to use the Spanish Peacock pattern to turn a doily into a blanket because, well, I didn't feel like being one of "506 projects, in 1595 queues" for Hemlock. I might be a lemming, but that is just too many (shhh, clapotis doesn't count).

I modified the original pattern by not doing double YOs (except the center) because I thought the holes are too large. I actually should have ripped the center and redone that part, but I'm lazy. I used 4.5 hanks of this yarn for the lap blanket.

start: Dec 25. 2007
finished: Jan 4, 2008
needles: 8 dpns and circs

yarn: cursed yarn from knitterbarb

I forgot to add that I knit bound off based on someone (I think it was Charlotte) from a yahoo group.


fleegle said...

Cotton afghan? Looks interesting! I have a doily/afghan I'm going to start when I finish the Paton shawl. silk/wool for me (I'm cold!)

errs said...

I don't think that the yarn is cursed. It looks lovely!

Knitting Linguist said...

Well, you've clearly broken whatever curse that yarn had on it -- it's gorgeous!