Monday, January 28, 2008

White Elephant preview sale

A friend and I went to the annual preview White Elephant sale in Oakland. This is a sale that benefits the Oakland Museum.

We got there just before they opened and the line was long. Of course we hit the sewing section first since that's where the yarn is. I was bummed that almost all but a few knitting books were already gone. And I mean gone in the sense that there was a man standing guard over TWO boxes full of knitting books! It looked like he went and grabbed all the books and put them in boxes to 'save them'. How lame is that?! Whatever...

This is the yarn I got:

green wool green wool in a DK weight

silk cone 100% silk cone (yay! My favorite purchase)

japanese crochet cotton 40 #40 cotton crochet thread

Pretty cool. I did get overwhelmed and had to leave after picking up a couple of sports hats for my son, a couple of games, and paper. I will have to go back for their 'real' sale in March.


fleegle said...

Pretty yarn, but I didn't see the elephant in your picture. Camera-shy, is he (she)?

Stefaneener said...

Darn! I knew I should have gone. I think the guy with the box deserved a bite on the leg. Maybe if you teamed up with a partner one could distract while the other upturns the box and hey, whoopsie, out go the books.

Nice green yarn.

Opal said...

Gorgeous silk yarn, but I'm with Fleegle, I want pictures of the elephant. ;-)

Diane said...

That is pretty lame to "save" things you have no intention of buying yourself. You did get some pretty yarn.

Jeanne said...

Pretty yarn - love the silk!