Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just a short post to say "argh!"

you most likely don't do this, but I got it in my brain that the Niebling was easy to remember and I oh, no (now, don't laugh too loud) I don't need to check no stinkin pattern...I knit the wrong row a 1/4 in and then realized it when I started the knit row!

yep, I'm tinking...yep, tinking 3/4 round of mesh knit AND k5tog.



Soo said...

Arrrrgggghhhh! (Although secretly pleased I'm not the only one to do these sort of things!)

Debbie said...

I feel your pain. Deep breaths.

fleegle said...

Sorry sorry! I check every repeat to make sure I didn't forget something. But it used to happen before I became paranoid.

Laurel said...

I haven't knit a Niebling yet :( but I've totally done that on other things. And then I became paranoid like fleegle and check all the time.