Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good news bad news

The good news is that I finished my bamboo shawl. It's the one from No More Sheep. The other good news is that we switched to a new computer so now everything is much faster.

The bad news...yep, haven't gotten the photo part working yet. So, no pics.

(insert picture here when I get the photo part up)

But here's the specs:

pattern: Tuscany from No More Sheep
yarn: SWTC bamboo in navy 2 balls
needle size: US6
start time: Jan 6, 2008
finish time: Jan 9, 2008

The only modifications I did was to end on row 8 instead of row 16 because I figured I'd run out of yarn and I didn't feel like adding another ball. I also didn't do the purl2tog bind off. I tried that, but it seemed really tight, so I did my normal bind-off and before blocking it was looking loose. Got better after blocking.

edited (thanks for the comment, fleegle-- it would have taken longer...):

here's the pics.

bamboo tuscany

bamboo tuscany closeup


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Beautiful. Love the color