Friday, February 01, 2008

You Make my day award

Fleegle gifted me with this:
The rules say to gift it to 10 more bloggers. So here goes:
chemgrrl because she can knit AND do research.
Renaissance Woman is just wonderful. She does it all. Socks, felting, colorwork...
Soo of course for her lacework and that Fassett jacket.
Utlinde for her amazing lace work. I just wish I could read German...
Stephaneener has these great kids and she knits for them and she spins.
Jane is an inspiration.
Diane for the 36 baby socks.
Opal because you've got to admire knitting wool in Hawaii
Supereggplant's brother Not a knitter (his sister is), but thoroughly enjoyable read
fleegle Wait, can you give it back to the person who gave it to you? Rule book please...


chemgrrl said...

Oh goodness! Thanky! :)

It does seem like more of the latter than the former these days. Pleh.

Opal said...

Oh my! Thank you so much! :-)

fleegle said...

Sure, we can bat it back and forth for years! Smile!

Stefaneener said...

You are so very sweet. Thank you so much! now i feel like I have to get on the ball about this.

Soo said...

Eeee...thanks for this!

I feel all warm and fuzzy (sort of like angora) inside!