Monday, February 04, 2008

This month's Lace knitting group

Given the rain and general inclement weather, a number of us braved the storm and attended the lace knitting group hosted by Lacis in Berkeley.

I walked in and saw that they have Hiya Hiya needles in stock now. (they just got them in). These are needles that go down to an insane size...I had to own a pair.

May I introduce my 000-000 needles (.7mm) OY!

hiya 000000 needles

I will knit some super small thread with it. Can you believe it?!

They also had the lovely book that Fleegle talked about a bit ago, Feminin Strik. What a pretty book. The sweaters are all lovely, but unfortunately, written in Danish. Mary Francis hopes that they'll translate the book into English. Wouldn't that be grand?

I brought a new little doily to work on because I want to figure out how to knit it flat. This has the hallmarks of Niebling, but is only 50-something rows. I figure I'll knit this, block it, and knit a few of the leaf elements in the flat (is that a term?) to determine whether this would work for curtains.
Kunststricken Folge 2   305_08

This doily took me a day! I finished and blocked it before we went to a Superbowl party. And guess what? It binds. I guess if you do 6 repeats instead of 4, that might not happen (that's another option for this pattern, it turns out looking quite different). See that 'corner'? That's supposed to be a sharp corner, not rounded like mine...

Kunststricken Folge 2   305_08 closeup

thread: green linen
needles: US1
start time: Saturday morning 2/2/08
finish time: Saturday night 2/2/08, blocked 2/3/08
pattern: Kunststricken Folge 2 305/08


fleegle said...

I am so envious that you live close to Lacis. I bought a 4x0, but didn't bother with the 6. I can't think of what would knit with it.

The doily is adorable and yes, I can see the binding.

I have the translation for the circle sweater. Let me know if you want it.

Soo said...

Those are the teeniest tiny needles I've ever seen....

Opal said...

Yow. Those are teeny tiny needles!

Despite what you say about the corners, that is one gorgeous doily!

Stefaneener said...

I know someone who can translate Danish patterns for you!

z's momma said...


I was trying to decide between needles I would actually use and these wires. I opted for wires for the novelty value.

The sweater in the round is lovely. Are you knitting it?

z's momma said...

Dear Soo, Oh, these are the absolutely smallest needles. Lacis carries dpns too, but I figure I've got some craft wires somewhere that would work as well.

z's momma said...

Dear Opal,

This was literally the fasted doily I ever knit. I do like the way it turned out, even if the edges aren't crisp. Thanks!

z's momma said...

Dear Stephaneener,
Thanks, translating Danish would be great, but the book is prohibitively expensive (~20 large Peet's mocha latte).

oh, and Fleegle, I thought there was a 'Dear' in front, but I must have forgotten. Sorry.

Christy B. said...

Thanks for entering my contest!

Wow--Little bitty needles.

Knitting Linguist said...

Those are the tiniest needles I've ever seen! And you make such beautiful things with those small needles :)

Marilyn said...

I would love to have this pattern but have been unable to find it. Any ideas? want to sell yours? I just think it is so clever