Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My two new purchases

I was lucky enough to get these two OOP books.

First, Andean Folk Knitting: A pretty book. It's got amazing colorwork. I got it because of all the various shapes of ch'ullus. And I really want to learn how to knit with yarn over your neck, and I'm hoping this book has a good explanation for how to do that. I think that this way of knitting is supposed to be super fast. I also would love to venture into colorwork (someday).

Aren't the hats pretty?

The other book I got is Foroysk Bindingarmynstur (With Faroese Knitting Patterns - Knitted Shawls ). Uhmmm...what language is it in? It's not English, Danish? Faroese-ese? Apparently, there is an English translation of the book, but mine is in the original language(published in 1983). It's got some lovely patterns, but I have yet to find an on-line translator that magically transforms it into English. But this is the one I would like to make. I did notice that most Faroese shawls is primarily stockinette stitch w/ a bit of lace. (the one pictured here has the most lace pattern of the lot).


Soo said...

What brilliant finds they both are!

I love those hats. But why does knitting with the wool hanging around your neck make you faster??? I'd probably just strangle myself! :)

I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what you find out.

fleegle said...

Lucky find indeed! I'm with Soo--a skein around my neck = tangled skein!

Opal said...

Wow! What great finds!