Saturday, September 01, 2007


After I stopped on my doily (haven't made it back up to Lacis), after I stopped working on Forest Path, and after I ...oh, wait, haven't started another project, have I?!

I decided on Friday to just do it. Finish Steg. If you remember back to July, I was working on Stegasaurus from Patons (another shout out and thanks to chemgrrl), I stopped because I didn't have any white feltable yarn for the spikes. How lame?! I then did a swap for the yarn and it's been sitting there while I worked on other projects. So, without further ado, heeeeerrreee'sss Ssssstegggg!

finished dimensions: 25in long and 12in tall
yarn: acrylic for body, Patons wool for plates, and ecowool for spikes
time start: July 2007
time finished: September 1, 2007
needles: US3 for body
needles US9 for plates, spike (then felted)
stuffing: 1.5 bags!

I did not knit this as written, the body was in the round, then I left spots under the neck/body area for stuffing, and the head was done flat and gusset sewn on. the legs were also knit in the round --okay, only the back legs, because I couldn't decide whether I detested seaming more or having to keep track of the rounds more (since flat legs can both be knitted simultaneously). I still can't decide which is worse, actually having to think about knitting, or seaming.

The plates and spikes were felted. I had to make alterations because the largest size would have been huge. I also had to look at one of Z's stegs to check how the plates went. btw, they're staggered with the largest plates over the back legs. The eyes are french knots and I didn't do claws.


Soo said...

I love that dinosaur - very cute.

Sorry to hear about the dye lot woes -- and glad to hear there's a solution!

The Anna mags on my blog are:
9 Sep 1985
6 Jun 1986
2 Feb 1986
6 Jun 1987
7 Jul 1992
And a Burda lace special from 1992

I'm happy to confirm that I haven't created a Niebling spreadsheet yet - so perhaps there is hope for me yet!!

Still waiting for my yarn...

chemgrrl said...

Yaaaaay! It looks great!

Laurie said...

Oh I LOVE that dinosaur! Stegasaurus is my favorite dinosaur of all times. Is the pattern in a Paton's book? You did a great job!

Diane said...

He's so cute.

fleegle said...

He'll keep the alligator company. Which issue of Paton's?

Stefaneener said...

Very sweet. If something with plates can be called "sweet."

Laura said...

I love this so much, and so would my son! I've been searching for this Patons book but it's no longer available. Any idea where I could get a copy? Please help!