Thursday, September 27, 2007

Campanile progress

I have been knitting. I had to wait for this to arrive. This is Colourmart's cashmere silk in rosehip color. I was hoping for a darker red, but it's pretty nice. I did a miniswatch and decided that I'd use my US2 Knitpicks and bamboo dpns. Tho' as I look at the holes, they seem woefully big...

A slight aside, I love the feel and look of the cool metal dpns. They just seem cool and look deadly...but I can't knit lace with them. They are super slick and slippery. Did I mention how cool they look?! So, I've had to re-get the dpns that I swapped away when I had decided that sock knitting non-two-at-a-time just didn't work for me. Anywhoo, I love the metal, but I'll stick w/ my wood sticks for now.

The other reason I didn't blog about this for so long is that I, misread the chart! It is such a rookie maneuver that I am almost embarrassed to discuss it here. Oh, okay, please don't snicker too loudly. Niebling (and other chart writers, I suppose) use a convention where they put a number in front of a pattern group that they want you to do multiples.

Since I obtained a copy of the chart for this, I didn't look too closely. So, I of course, thought that it's the stitch next to the number that needs to be done. Well, if you do the math (and I didn't because that would be too sad), would result in almost exponentially increasing the rounds instead of increasing by one stitch per section.

At row 23, I thought maybe I should get a picture of this. Notice how many stitches are on the needle, and it's only row 23... And then I went shoot! and ripped it. Did I mention I've done the beginning a number of times already because I was using my super-slicks and not my bamboo? That was a crummy start too, so I didn't mind ripping. And when I took the yarn off the needles, it looked like a peony. Beautiful...bye bye.

Started over and here's the picture of the in progress. See the leaf emerging (row 50 something)?

Oh, I'm looking at it and am thinking I should have used US1 instead...


Soo said...

Sorry to hear the beginning was such a faff. I agree about the knitpicks dpns for lace. I used them because I was too impatient to wait for bamboo ones the correct size - but eeek. I did like the knitpicks circulars though.

Anyway - we've all been through it - most of my projects have been started multiple times (recent examples - the 'orange thing' and the Alpine Lace Scarf).

I love the colour - it's going to be gorgeous! (I think the needle size looks fine.)

Diane said...

Love the lace and the color. Misreading charts? Everyone does it.

fleegle said...

What a fantastic color! It's ony my list, but I haven't picked a yarn or color yet. Please keep us posted!