Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Campanile here I come!

I am such the lucky! (pictured on left is a picture of the pattern in question)

I posted to a yahoo group as to whether I'm totally hosed or not regarding Campanile and now I am in possession of this lovely chart. Knitters are awesome!

How cool is that? Now all I have to decide is the yarn...WEBS alpaca/silk in black? colourmart cashmere in innocence(pink), purple, blue, brown, something else? zephyr in basil? or a silk lace weight? or a cash/silk from my favorite vendor?Of course this pattern is supposed to be huge, so I might have to actually swatch and do some calculations...

My other dilemma is that a couple of people replied on the board saying that they too had the same issues (buying the magazine and not having the pattern). Now, my question is...do I forward them the pattern? do I ask the person who sent me the pattern whether it's okay? or do I ask her to send it to them? What's the proper etiquette rules?

I am puzzled by the folks who bid an arm and a leg for the Anna, then just said c'est la vie? I guess the pattern's not in the book?

I'm just much more of a complainer, I guess.


Diane said...

Interesting question. If it's a copywritten patterns then I personally would not make a copy and forward to anyone. Sorry but the designers work too hard to offer wonderful patterns with little compensation.

Of course in this case where it was free for the asking 17 yrs ago I might be tempted because it certainly should have been included in the magazine without having to take that extra step of mailing away for it.

fleegle said...

Pink, dear. I bought that issue, but it hasn't arrived yet.

If they can send you a picture of the table of contents, then they own the mag and I would send them the pattern. The cover is the only page ever shown on the Web.