Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm so disappointed.

warning: rant ahead:

From my previous post, you've gotten a sense of my giddiness in obtaining the Nieblings, but I just had the most horrible experience. I had decided that my first large project was going to be Campanile (you can see the full size picture in the magazine -middle row, on the left, the pink).

Anyway, I carefully took the pattern sheet off the magazine, being careful not to tear the thin paper. I unfolded the pattern sheet and THE PATTERN IS NOT IN THE SHEET!

I turned it over a couple of times, then double checked the pattern number, then read the largish charts on either side of the sheet. I then read the article carefully, and it says that if I would like the pattern for the tablecloth, I need to send a SASE and to Burda in Germany and they'll send it to me,

...uhm, Hello?!...this magazine is over 17 years old! You think they'll send it? yeah right.

Oh, the company sold the patterns to Coats. And they stopped printing Annas*. I posted on a yahoo group to see if anyone knows about this, and nope. No Campanile pattern in this issue. I cannot believe this.

So, word of warning, DO NOT purchase Anna June 1990 if your heart is set on knitting the large tablecloth.

btw, you can obtain the pattern from a Burda Lace special. arghh!

I guess the really sad part is that when I googled the pattern today, and checked yahoo groups and such, and no mention of this omission. There was one mention, from Mary Francis, who was looking for the pattern. If only I had seen this one item posted on this one board before I purchased the magazine. (she's the one that told me this afternoon that it's available elsewhere).

Anyway, I can't justify another magazine right now. I guess I'll start Lyra.

Oh, I saw in person Ocean Knitter's Lyra today. It's gorgeous! It's truly amazing. I will give a update on lace knitting group another day. I'm still fuming.

Such a beautiful pattern. So disappointing. So sad.

*good news is that Annas will be printed again.


Soo said...

Oh noooooooo!

How annoying. How beyond annoying.

Grrrrrr..... I'm sure you'll find a suitable substitute in the Niebling collection -- but I know how it is when you have your head and heart set on a pattern.

Diane said...

OMG that's so disappointing. Nothing worse than getting yourself all excited for a project and then not have it work out.

fleegle said...

I am completely heartbroken. I hate to tell you what I paid for that issue, which has not arrived yet. Did you ever find out where the pattern can be obtained?

Cathy said...

Hello! It has just arrived to me the same mishap as at you. I bought this magazine on ebay... and am me also very disappointed...It's a pity that I did not know your blog earlier... Did you succeed
in getting the explanations finally to you? In a friendly way. Cathy