Tuesday, September 04, 2007

From across the pond

I was surfin' the groups a bit ago and came across someone RAKing an Alan Dart pattern. As you know, I'm in a toy knitting stint and guess what came in the mail on Saturday?alan dart rak
So of course I had to cast on. Here's what I made:
yarn: the steg green and a bit of the light green
needles: US3
Start/end time: 8/31/07-9/01/07 (only because I put it down)
Mods: I lost count on the body, so I fudged the bottom piece. I figured it was garter stitch, so it's stretchy.
Alan Dart alligator
I meant to make the camel first, but I couldn't find camel colour yarn (I know I have some, just have to find it).


Diane said...

Are you going to make the whole set? Those lady bugs are adorable.

z's momma said...

Hi Diane,
I'll likely make one of each animal, or until I get bored of small fiddly knits, which ever comes first.

fleegle said...

I have that one too. Oh brother, they are so cute I am trying so hard not be be reminded that I have this issue.