Friday, August 31, 2007

Doily and Niebling thoughts.

Are you tired of hearing about my doily? Well, me too. We ventured to Lacis yesterday in search of the blue thread to finish off the doily, but realized that I had left the tag for the thread at home. Hey, it's Lacis, and it's many different lots would they have?

Well, they had one ball in one lot and a passel in a different lot. After much pondering and hemming and hawing, decided to get the last ball with the rationalization that they might have restocked and I had grabbed the top one before, so this must be it. Right? Right?!

No. I came home and checked and it (I think) was the OTHER lot. I shall phone them today and just ask them to check for me. argh!

Oh, while at Lacis, I saw Mary Frances' finished Niebling. Oh, go and look if you've not seen it yet. When I grow up, I want to knit Nieblings like her...(wait, is that a noun? the Niebling? or a verb? Nieblinging)

Reminder: The next Lacis Lace group meets on Saturday, September 8, at 1pm.

Speaking of Niebling, Lacis actually had an old Anna magazine. It didn't have any Niebling work in it(that I saw), and the person working there was surprised they even had any Anna's available for sale. It was filed under their bobbin lace section, if you want to go purchase it. So, they might have misc. Anna's filed away in various sections if you want to go and look.

The other thing was that I actually won a few Anna magazines on Ebay. I'll show when I receive them. (I'm very gleeful because I got great amazingly fabulous deal on them.)

No, I did not go crazy bidding for Lyra. It amazes me that an old magazine would sell for $30-40 plus.

However, someone really really wanted this issue. If you know why, please let me know. Seriously, the bidding is up to $87.99 for an old magazine! It had better be autographed by Niebling himself. I suppose that I just have Mr. Niebling on my mind...they might have bid this much because they wanted the macrame section? Naw, the listing is titled Niebling. But still...if you really want to see the listing (which still has 3 days left), it's here. Well, best of luck to the bidders! I'll update in 3 days.

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Diane said...

Isn't it just NUTS what some people will pay for things on ebay?