Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MS3 clue 4 done

Given the fact that I haven't read HP7, it still took me awhile to finish clue 4. Not only that, but I had 2 errors in the project. They can be seen here.

I only fixed one. I tinked back 5 rows to fix it. The other problem I tried fixing by laddering down, but decided to just knit it back up because I could be making more of a mess than it is. I'm pretty sure that no one will notice unless I tell them there's a problem.

The other issue I had was with the putting in the super duper special lifeline. I forgot until row 295. I went back and weaved in a string. I'm totally crossing my fingers hoping that the lifeline won't be used, because I could be totally hosed.


Diane said...

The knitter notices everything that no one else would notice at all. Just leave it in as a "design feature". lol

fleegle said...

It looks stunning...and you probably won't be able to even find it next year!

z's momma said...

Yes, that's feature. Although seeing Clue 5, I think that little blub is not going to be the 1st thing folks notice. Thanks for your comments.