Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fashion Girl

My son called me a 'fashion girl'. In z-a-nese, a fashion girl is a girl that is pretty or dressed well.

This is why he called me a fashion girl. This is actually knit wire bracelet number 2. Number one was given away this weekend to a 13 year old girl on her birthday.

yarn: 32 gauge wire (less than half a spool)
needle: US6 metal dpns (2)
beads: #6 glass beads in varying pinks
start time: July 29, 2007
end time: July 29, 2007 (very quick project)

A couple of notes on the picture: I'm actually petting my cat (that's the mass under my hand). And the other note is my hand is looking old. That's something they don't tell you about...how your hands age. Very sad. However, pretty bracelet.

Pithy instructions for FASHION GIRL:
String on a whole passel of beads.
Cast on 11 stitches using e-cast on.
knit and add beads as the fancy strikes you.
Purl the next row.
Repeat knit purl rows until 7 inches (when stretched out).
'kitchner' together to form loop with purl side out.
Slip on wrist and stretch out width so that the bracelet fits wrist.

A couple of comments:
I only added beads on the knit side.
I liked the purl side out better because it causes a natural flaring out of the bracelet, verses the bangle effect with knit side out (remember how stockinette curls)
As I was knitting, every once in awhile, I would 'expand the knit fabric and pull it again so that the stitches would become more uniform.
I slipped the first stitch.
I did not bind off, the stitches were 'live', but it was wire, so it didn't go anywhere.

So, I'll call this the 'fashion girl bracelet'.

This was so easy and fun that I believe I shall make more of them, and maybe even investigate 'lace w/ wire'. hmmm...

And you should make one too. The wire is thin enough it doesn't hurt your fingers and I think every one should be a fashion girl.


Diane said...

Well fashion girl, that's one fine bracelet. And why is it they don't tell us about the whole hand aging thing? Maybe they are hoping that our eyesight will be bad enought that we won't notice? lol.

z's momma said...

Crazy, huh! However, you can get plastic surgery on your hands now...yeah, right.