Friday, July 20, 2007

steg legs

So, I'm knitting steg, right? And I put down this project to work on a birthday present for a little girl (this Sunday). And I picked steg legs up again the other night because the yarn I got wasn't the same dye lot and was substantially different (hello?! Cotton-ease? new colors, can't get the colors even close?). And I had to go and buy another ball hopefully of the same dyelot.

Anyway, picked up the legs and knitted in the round so that the legs will be identical. Yep, you guessed it. I thought they looked wonky, so I counted stitches. Somewhere around the knee area, I screwed up, one leg had 31 stitches, the other had 39.

So, partially ripped the one leg and am knitting. And will have to do the same with the other since clearly I increased twice on one leg and missed the increases on the other.

Remember, the whole reason I'm knitting it 2-at-a-time was so that they'd be the SAME! duh.

Yeah, yeah, I managed to work on MS3 after drinking a couple of cocktails, but I can't manage to knit stockinette in the round.

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