Friday, July 06, 2007

Cropped cardi complete (almost)

That I-cord edging got easier, not any less tedious mind you, but easier. I did hit a point, maybe 3 inches in, where the aha moment occurred and it became mindless-- and not a struggle. I finished it off at my knitting group and started to sew on the clasp. Oh, please let me back up. I knitted a loop-o-i-cord for a button, but a 5 stitch I-cord button hole looked way too clunky. I then decided a simple lime green button...didn't find one that I liked. Hey, I know, a eye hook thingie. But then I saw a simple silver clasp. Why perfect!Okay, not so perfect. After I sewed it on and tried it on, realized this is 'decorative' in the sense that it does not stay clasped shut. After much cursing, took the clasp off and will go back to getting a eye hook.
edited to add: the picture is upside down, but the clasp still doesn't work.

Oh, and when I tried it on for z&a's dad? His first comment, isn't it a bit short? I guess that even tho' I had lengthened the sweater, it's still cropped. Yeah, whatever.

So, I wet blocked it and I'll get an eye hook thingie later.

Pattern: cropped cardi from Fitted Knits aka Leaf from Knitty
size: 37.5 inch version with mods
Start time: June 24, 2007
End time (without clasp): July 2, 2007
Yarn: limeaid Cotton Ease
Amount used: less than 4 balls
needle size: US6 circs and dpns
modifications: made a total of 3 increases down the front of the cardi every 8 rows (both sides) and at the front, only cast on 3 stitches. In summary, instead of casting on 9 stitches in the front, I had a total of 6 stitches. I also did the sleeves in the round because (well, just read my darn blog, will ya--why knit flat when you can knit in the round?). Lengthened the length by another inch--clearly not enough.

In hindsight, I should have made the sweater even a abit longer. Altho' I wonder if a bit longer would have made it look really wouldn't have been the same sweater. I do wish I did something to pay homage to the leaf motif. I really liked the leaf motif that Stephaneener used on this sweater. Oh, well, it's not like I'm going to rip out the picot edging on the bottom and put in a leaf lace detail...maybe for another sweater, tho.

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Stefaneener said...

Oh, ugh. Too bad about that clasp. It looks fairly nice, too.